6 Must-Have Car Accessories

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), Americans collectively spend nearly 70 billion hours behind the wheel per year and about one hour behind the wheel individually each day. That is a LOT of time spent in the car. So, what better way to improve your daily commute than with some must-have accessories to make your driving experience more enjoyable and convenient? All items below can be found on Amazon.

Stick-On Car Shade: Nothing is worse than sitting down in the car on a hot summer day when your seats are burning up. These stick-on shades attach directly onto your car windows and block 97% of harmful UV Rays to keep your car cool all day long.

Tile Mate: How many times have you found yourself searching the entire house for your car keys? Tile Mate is a Bluetooth item locator that you can attach to your keys so you can keep track of them 24/7.

Car Hooks: Put an end to your back seat clutter with these easy-to-use car hooks. These hooks attach to the headrest on your car seats and can hold up to 18lbs. Hang up your coats, bags, groceries, and more!

Trunk Organizer: You can’t have too many organizers in your car. This folding car trunk organizer can hold practically anything. Throw your child’s toys, groceries, emergency supplies, tools, and more in this organizer, and avoid the mess in your trunk!

Hanging Trash Can: For some reason, trash seems to build up a lot quicker than we expect in the car, like that Starbucks cup from your morning coffee or the Panera bag from your on-the-go lunch. This trash can with a lid can attach to your center console or onto the back of your seat to keep your trash covered and out of sight!

One accessory that tops all the others is our commitment to being safe and responsible while behind the wheel by using the OnMyWay app! Download the OnMyWay app to earn rewards and keep your community safe.