How COVID Lockdowns Kept Roads Safer

A recent study conducted by Ohio officials found that the state’s lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant decrease in traffic-related crashes and deaths. Though this is great news, the number of traffic-related incidents began to increase once those lockdowns were lifted.

An article posted by U.S. News reports that Ohio’s lockdown period had 55% fewer traffic crashes and 34% fewer severe/fatal injuries compared to 2019 data. Once the state reopened and businesses were back to normal, traffic issues began to return to levels from previous years.

Authors from the Journal of the American Medical Association note, “previous studies have suggested that the rebound may have been due to increased alcohol and marijuana use, speeding, sudden acceleration/braking, and mobile phone use seen among drivers after the lockdowns.”

After nearly a year of being stuck at home, the OnMyWay family understands the want to get out of the house and back to normal, but we need to focus on being safe while doing so. As more states begin to reopen, drivers need to be aware of the risks associated with distracted driving.

That’s where the OnMyWay app comes in! By downloading the app you can help us decrease the number of distracted driving accidents while earning rewards at the same time. OnMyWay rewards users $0.05 for every mile they drive undistracted and the cash earned through the app can be used to redeem travel rewards, product discounts, and even cash payouts.

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How Distracted Driving Impacts Car Insurance Rates

Some states, like Kansas, can charge you with reckless driving. This could make it difficult when you are applying for a job and certainly can affect you when shopping around for car insurance. With any points added to your license, this could cause your car insurance rates to increase.

On a national level, distracted driving has caused insurance premiums to increase 16% since 2011, according to The Center for Policy and Research.

Distracted driving can easily cause accidents, which also has a significant impact on rates, as shown below:

How to Keep Insurance Rates Low

Simple. Download the OnMyWay app. Join us in eliminating distracted driving once and for all. To date, we have prevented over 150 lives and prevented over 22,945 car accidents. These are tangible results that make an immediate impact on the communities that our children live.

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Easter 2021: Increasing Temperature+Traffic

The Easter bunny is bringing more than just eggs this weekend. Rising temperatures this weekend across the country will call for more drivers on the road.

It’s no shock that warmer weather means more people are on the road. Whether it’s to see family, head on a little vacation, or just enjoy some fresh air, it’s important to drive safely. Law enforcement in many states are increasing the amount of officers on patrol this weekend. Make sure you drive the speed limit, avoid any distractions while behind the wheel and certainly do not drink and drive!

In Utah, over 130 shifts will be added this weekend to make sure everyone gets to their location safely. Meanwhile in South Carolina, bumper to bumper traffic has already begun. Even if you have a travel strategy, chances are you’ll be slowed down at some point, for several miles.

“We thought if we left in the morning, we could get here by 3:00 and could have the afternoon, but that’s not happening,” said a traveler stuck in I-95 heading to South Carolina. While some sat in a stand still, others could be seen taking breaks at the rest-stops along the way, including a golfer!

This warm weather has everyone wanting to leave the house. While the traffic is discouraging to some, it’s also normal to others. Being at a standstill doesn’t mean it’s an opportunity to browse social media or get caught up win your texts. It’s important to keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions. After all, a car accident would really add additional time to your travels.

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Happy Easter from the OnMyWay Team!

10 Steps to Buying Car Insurance

Car insurance can be a difficult road to navigate. There are so many companies, plans, options, prices and much more to consider. These 10 steps listed below should help steer you in the right direction to finding the ideal plan.

1. Know Your State’s Minimum Requirements: Car insurance differs among every state. Research what is required for your state to use as a cushion. Once you know what should be covered, it’s up to you to decide how much additional coverage you want, and if it’s worth paying for. Don’t forget to take into account your own driving habits and any other risks you frequently encounter.

2. Consider Your Finances: If you are already covered under a plan, look through payments you’ve made in the past. This will enable you to see where you already stand on both a monthly and yearly payment. It gives you a quote that you may want to beat.

3. Check Your Records: Not everyone is the best driver and that’s okay, it’s important to recognize your flaws! If you have any records or points on your license, it’s best to clear that before finding a policy. Insurance will increase if they see you are a risky driver.

4. Find Options: Take the time to sit down and find quotes from multiple companies. If you go to an online site to get a quote for an insurance rate, you can type in your information and begin to build a list of companies for comparative quotes. When you use these sites, you might not get instant quotes. Some companies may contact you later. It can take up to 15 minutes her quote, but it can save you up to $800, if not more!

5. Company Information: While researching, make sure you take notes about each company you’re looking into. The most important factor to understand is their payment policy. When are payments due? Are there payment plans? What happens if a payment is late?

6. Make Calls: Once you have a defined list of potential quotes and companies, begin calling around. Speaking directly to a representative shows your interest, can be quicker, and there is potential they will offer you a lower rate.

7. Discounts are Key: Get rewarded for good driving. Insurance companies give them for such things as a good driving record, your car’s safety or security equipment, and certain occupations or professional affiliations. You may even get a better deal if you switch your home insurance over as well.

8. Assess Each Company: Now that you know prices and have compared companies, it’s time to see which is actually best for you. Just because one insurance is the cheapest, doesn’t mean it’s your best option. Look into each company using the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Consumer Information Source. You can access information about insurance companies, including closed insurance complaints, licensing information and key financial data.

9. Review Your Policy: Now that you’ve decided which company and policy is most suiting, it’s important to re-read. Look into the fine print, verify it’s what you’re actually looking for, and that nothing is hidden amongst all the text.

10. Cancel Your Old Policy: If you are switching from an old policy, now is the time to cancel that plan and switch to your new one. Make sure you keep your new proof of coverage easily accessible in your car.

Finding the right car insurance can mean taking a lot of new routes and sometimes hitting a dead end. However, it’s important to not only protect yourself, but the others on the road around you. Want to take it a step further? Get rewarded with the OnMyWay app every time you drive!

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NASCAR Explores Rain-Tire Potential

NASCAR races to their short circuit in Martinsville, VA to test out and explore options for potential use of rain-tires. These plans were announced this past Wednesday as officials prep for the Next Gen car to be used during the 2022 Cup Series. The track is only .526 miles long and will include some of the biggest names in the auto industry, including Chevrolet, Ford, and even Toyota.

The reason for testing out these new tires is to be able to continue races, despite inclement weather.
NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer Steve O’Donnell states that if the tires prove to be successful, they can be put to use at flatter tacks. Some being a little bit longer at almost 1 mile in length, in locations such as Phoenix and New Hampshire. The initial test being done is at Martinsville because it’s the shortest track being used in the Cup Series.

By using tires that enable cars to drive on wet pavement, despite high speeds and risk of traction loss, the fans will be much more happier in viewing the series. NASCAR is always finding new ways to innovate, which includes the track-drying system. The race will go on as long as conditions are not too slick! The initial introduction of tires used to help in slick conditions was introduces in 2008 at an Xfinity series Race in Canada. It wasn’t until this past fall that they were first used in the United States at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval event in October. Both races had been affected by wet conditions that resulted in a push to innovate and find new ways to safely keep the race continuing.

While rain-tires are being tested on the race track, that doesn’t mean standard tires are capable of high speeds in slick conditions. Distracted driving, slick roads, high speeds are a recipe for disaster. Whether it’s raining or not, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road. Chances are, you’re not a professional, but you can join the OnMyWay mission.

OnMyWay rewards users $0.05 for every mile they drive undistracted. The cash earned through the app can be used to redeem travel rewards, product discounts, and even cash payouts. Download the app today and join millions of others in saving lives every time you get behind the wheel.

Your European Summer Vacation

Looking to safely get away this summer? Want to get out of the United States, but aren’t sure where to go? Look no further! Many Americans will be heading to both the main land and islands of Greece and Turkey for their Mediterranean vacations this July.

France continues to keep its borders closed to non-essential workers. Italy extended their state of emergency plan, with an unknown time of when it will be lifted. While Spain also keeps its borders shut to visitors not from the EU. Despite all of this, Americans are still asking travel agencies about vacations in these locations. They just need to look a little further east at Greece and Turkey.

By booking a vacation in these two locations, travel agencies compare it to auto insurance. It’s currently open to visitors in the upcoming months and just requires a negative covid test, and/or proof of vaccination.

Clients have been shifting all of the bookings from Italy, France, Spain, and other nearby countries for a change to the blue seas of the Mediterranean. The small, seaside cabins, yacht tours, days spent at the vineyards, sunbathing along pristine shorelines, it’s what we’re all craving. You can’t get a vacation like that safely in the United States right now.

Reach out to your local travel agent and get yourself prepared for a beautiful trip this summer. While planning and packing, get paid for the miles you drive with the OnMyWay app! Not only can you receive cash outs for the distance you drive without using your phone, you can even redeem travel vouchers.

Join millions of others on the mission to put an end to distracted driving.
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Distracted Driving Statistics & Facts 2021

Distracted driving may be most closely associated with cell phone usage, but truthfully, there are multiple behaviors we are likely all guilty of that contribute to this driving hazard. The distracted driving statistics paint a picture of how devastating the results can be when we drive while preoccupied.

Distracted driving statistics
– 2,841 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2018, according to the CDC.
– Among the 2,841 deaths, the age group with the highest number of fatalities was age 20-29.
– The 2,841 includes the fatalities of 506 nonoccupants — meaning pedestrians, bicyclists, and others as a result of distracted drivers.
– After a steady increase in distracted driving fatalities from 2014 to 2017, the National Highway – – Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports indicate the number of fatalities finally decreased in 2018.
– Between 14% to 17% of all crashes are due to distracted driving according to data from the last 10 years.
– 48 states and the District of Columbia have hand-held cell phone bans in place to combat the occurrence of distracted driving. 37 states and the District of Columbia further restrict young drivers with the use of cell phones.

Distracted driving types
– Visual distraction: This is a distraction that causes you to move your eyes away from the road. For instance, if you turn to talk to a passenger or look behind you to talk to your children.
– Auditory distraction: An auditory distraction is when a sound causes your attention to divert away from driving. An example of this is listening to loud music or multiple conversations occurring among the passengers.
– Manual distraction: A manual distraction is where your hands are moved away from the wheel. An example of this is reaching for a cell phone, or for food and drinks.
Cognitive distraction: This refers to when your mind wanders and you are no longer focused on driving.

Distracted driving behaviors and their effects
When discussing the number of distracted driving behaviors, what is most alarming is the sheer number of possibilities for distraction. Many of the distractions involve more than one type, such as cell phone usage, which is a manual, cognitive and visual distraction for drivers.
For example, texting takes your eyes off the road for about five seconds, the length of a football field when you are driving 55 mph. But it also increases the risk of a crash 23 times, according to a study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.
Another study found when drivers are not paying attention, they fail to comprehend or process information from objects in the roadway, even when looking at them. In other words, when you are distracted, your brain and visual processing are not working together.

After reading these overwhelming statistics, you can see why we need to make a change as a nation. With OnMyWay, users are committed to saving lives and making a positive change in the same communities that they live. To date, we have saved over 150 lives and prevented over 22,950 car crashes. Don’t wait until the stats get worse, download OnMyWay now!

Suez Canal Crisis Affects the Car Industry

The U.S. market is about to have some major shortages affecting the market, due to the massive cargo ship that got lodged in the Suez Canal. This major error has already caused a week delay for the entire global shipping industry.

While there is currently a great debate going on about whether it was due to human error or technical error, there is one thing for certain. This error is majorly affecting the auto industry, which depends heavily on using the canal for transportation of raw materials, parts, and even finished vehicles. In Europe, their Car Dealer magazine reported that at least two large vehicle transportation ships were blocked by the grounding of the Ever Given, the ship lodged in the canal. It’s also being reported that several other ships heading towards the Suez Canal may be forced to anchor if the crisis isn’t resolved. Taking the long way around Africa adds about 10 days to a typical freighter’s time at sea.

For the United States, the government is closely monitoring the situation and even offered aid to the Egyptian government. The main priority of the U.S. is monitoring the rising price of oil, and now with this delay, the auto industry is very vulnerable. With closures from the coronavirus pandemic, inventories are at the lowest levels they’ve ever been at. It is estimated that there are 1 million less vehicles on the dealer lots this year, compared to the past. Manufacturers have been struggling to rebuild inventories with all of the recent challenges faced.

As the government works to move the ship, many say that they are not shocked if the error was due to the crew, and not technical issues. Human error accounts for anywhere between 75% and 96% of maritime accidents. Meanwhile, According to a Stanford Law School report, at least 90% of all motor vehicle crashes are caused fully or in part by human error. The exact percentage is still debatable and can be as high as 99%.

While it isn’t very likely you’re going to find yourself driving a giant cargo vessel in the Suez Canal, there’s a great chance at getting in an accident while driving your car every single day. Distracted driving is the leading cause of all car accidents, followed by speeding and drunk driving.

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OnMyWay Saves 150 Lives!

The OnMyWay family has more exciting info to share with our users – we have officially saved 150 lives, another major milestone for the app.

OnMyWay is a mobile app with one goal: make distracted driving a thing of the past.

The CDC reports that distracted driving takes about eight lives every day and about 3,500 lives per year. The NHTSA also reports that 20% of injuries occurring in car accidents are due to distracted driving.

In order to combat these fatalities, OnMyWay users earn $0.05 for every mile they drive undistracted without texting. The money earned through the app can then be redeemed through our easy-to-use reward system which offers various travel deals, product discounts, and more! As long as your phone is locked while driving, you’re earning OnMyWay cash and looking out for not only yourself but other drivers on the road as well.

Thanks to our dedicated users and your pledge to keep the roads safe, we are on the path to successfully reaching our goal. We can’t wait any longer to address distracted driving. Let’s face this problem together and save lives while doing it!

6 Must-Have Car Accessories

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), Americans collectively spend nearly 70 billion hours behind the wheel per year and about one hour behind the wheel individually each day. That is a LOT of time spent in the car. So, what better way to improve your daily commute than with some must-have accessories to make your driving experience more enjoyable and convenient? All items below can be found on Amazon.

Stick-On Car Shade: Nothing is worse than sitting down in the car on a hot summer day when your seats are burning up. These stick-on shades attach directly onto your car windows and block 97% of harmful UV Rays to keep your car cool all day long.

Tile Mate: How many times have you found yourself searching the entire house for your car keys? Tile Mate is a Bluetooth item locator that you can attach to your keys so you can keep track of them 24/7.

Car Hooks: Put an end to your back seat clutter with these easy-to-use car hooks. These hooks attach to the headrest on your car seats and can hold up to 18lbs. Hang up your coats, bags, groceries, and more!

Trunk Organizer: You can’t have too many organizers in your car. This folding car trunk organizer can hold practically anything. Throw your child’s toys, groceries, emergency supplies, tools, and more in this organizer, and avoid the mess in your trunk!

Hanging Trash Can: For some reason, trash seems to build up a lot quicker than we expect in the car, like that Starbucks cup from your morning coffee or the Panera bag from your on-the-go lunch. This trash can with a lid can attach to your center console or onto the back of your seat to keep your trash covered and out of sight!

One accessory that tops all the others is our commitment to being safe and responsible while behind the wheel by using the OnMyWay app! Download the OnMyWay app to earn rewards and keep your community safe.