Distracted driving bill sent back to Utah House Rules Committee

A bill that would amend Utah’s laws to further restrict the use of wireless communication devices while driving was sent back to the House Rules Committee Tuesday morning.

Rep. Carol Spackman Moss has tried to pass the same bill in years past, saying the goal is to save lives by enhancing the state’s penalties for distracted driving and making it illegal to manipulate an electronic communication device—such as a cellphone or laptop—beyond a single swipe or tap while driving.

The use of cellphones while driving in Utah is already banned, but only as a secondary offense, which makes it difficult for police to enforce.

The bill makes exceptions for using a wireless communication device legally while driving, in circumstances such as reporting a crime, reporting a safety hazard or making a call related to a medical emergency.

Opponents say Moss’ bill would make the law more difficult to understand and wouldn’t necessarily prevent texting and driving. What are you thoughts?

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