Do you have a story to share with OnMyWay?

At OnMyWay, our mission is to change the culture on the roads and “unplug” from our cell phones to ensure we’re keeping ourselves and others safe on the road. We have found that it is a lot easier to make people change their behavior when they are being rewarded! By incentivizing our users, they are more likely to stay off their mobile device and keep their focus on the road – where it should be!

We do what we do for all the families that have had to endure pain from a distracted driving tragedy. These senseless accidents affect real people with real families and we want to remind people of that. While the rewards are great, we do what we do to prevent crashes and ultimately, save lives. Since our founding last year, we have saved over 141 lives AND prevented over 21,000 car crashes – with a mathematical certainty. We know we can save families from having to go through the immense pain of loss. No text is worth a life.

Have you or a loved one been affected by a distracted driver? We want to hear / share your story! Last month, we launched the “Real People” section to the app/website. By reminding our users of these incidents, we can make real change. We launched this section with the story of Allie Estelle White, a beautiful 2-year-old girl who lost her life far too soon when a distracted driver hit her while sending a text. During the month of December, we added Allie’s story to the app/website, with the foundation her parents started in her memory hyperlinked. We also posted about Allie on all of our social media platforms and blog. OnMyWay additionally donated $10,000 worth of travel vouchers when you referred a friend to OnMyWay in Allie’s honor. We want to do the same for you! With our network of users, we can drive traffic to your foundation site and make more people aware of your story.

If you are interested in ramping up your efforts to end distracted driving while also sharing your mission – email

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