Have Smartphones increased distracted driving?

Distracted driving has become a common occurance on the roads nowadays. How many times have you been on the road and have seen someone texting, or not paying attention to what is going on around them? Although this problem has been around for awhile, has the rise of smartphones impacted distracted driving percentages?

Smartphones introduced us to an age of convenience like we have never had before. With everything we could need available at the touch of our fingertips, we have become attached to our phones. They have almost become another appendage – especially for those ages 16-25. Now distracted driving is not just calling or texting but also checking social media, surfing the web and much more!

With this problem on the rise, OnMyWay knew we had to do something. Our mission is to make distracted driving a thing of the past by incentivizing our users. We want to encourage people to “unplug” from their devices. We have found this is a solution that works! People are so much more inclined to make changes when they are being rewarded for doing so. Since our founding, we have saved over 145 lives and prevented over 22,100 car crashes – with a mathematical certainty.

We could not have made such change already without our users! Thank you for joining us in our mission to make the roads a safer place for everyone.

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