OnMyWay Saves 100 Lives!

The #1 Texting and Driving App has saved over 100 lives and prevented over 15,000 car accidents — and this is just the beginning.

CHARLESTON, S.C., July. 2, 2020 – It’s official, OnMyWay and its users hit the remarkable benchmark of 100 lives saved.

OnMyWay is the #1 mobile app that pays users for not texting and driving. It’s simple; Drive Safe and Get Paid!

Distracted driving has reached epidemic levels, and in fact, it’s estimated that one third of all car accidents are caused by distracted driving. While every state in the country has laws on the books to punish those who text while driving, even the toughest laws don’t seem to stop people from looking at their phones while they’re on the road.

That’s where OnMyWay comes in. The app rewards you with OnMyWay Cash for every mile that you do not text and drive. The app works automatically in the background when your car is moving at over 10 miles per hour. Users are able to use their maps, music, and Bluetooth and still get rewarded, as long as their phone is in its locked position.

You also get paid as a passenger and can refer friends, which will earn you additional OnMyWay Cash for every mile they don’t text and drive.

“OnMyWay believes that by giving our users positive rewards, we can end this horrific epidemic that is the #1 cause of death for young people ages 16-25. This just makes sense for our users, our sponsors and our community… Everybody Wins!” said Chloe Palmer, Co-founder of OnMyWay.

Save up enough OnMyWay Cash and you can exchange it for real-life products and services, like Cash Cards, Store Cards, Gas Cards or any other OnMyWay Cash Deals that rotate weekly.

About OnMyWay

OnMyWay, based in Charleston, SC, has created a company that makes a difference and is profitable at the same time, a for-profit company with a cause.

The company is currently working on sponsorship deals with universities, insurance companies, health care providers, and employers who want to motivate their employees and customers to drive safe and get paid.

The company also makes it a point to let users know that they do not sell users data and only track them for purposes of providing a better experience while using the app.

The OnMyWay app is free to download and is currently available on both the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android. @ OnMyWay; Drive Safe, Get Paid.

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