Safe In 60: Parents Of Teen Drivers Must Lead By Example – OnMyWay Mobile App Is The Solution!

“SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Many teenagers are getting back to school, sports, and spending time with their friends.

However, their lack of driving experience can have deadly consequences. Now is good time to remember that vehicle crashes kill more teens than any other cause of death.

When it comes to the rules behind the wheel, it’s a bit like “monkey see, monkey do.” If mom and dad can do it – then so can the teen, so parents need to lead by example.

No cell phones

Driving requires all attention to be on the road – especially for a new driver. Texting and driving do not mix.

No speeding

Speeding is a factor in almost one-third of all teen crashes.

No passengers

Passengers can be a major distraction for a teen driver. That is why the State of Utah has the Graduated Driver License rules. Only immediate family members can ride with new teen drivers for the first six months.”

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