Latest User to Earn $1000 For Driving Safely With OnMyWay – Congratulations Art Fletcher!

We have an exciting announcement to make! Our latest user to earn $1,000 Cash with OnMyWay! 

Art Fletcher from Hutchins, Texas, an OTR Driver who uses OnMyWay every day has just earned a $1000 Cash Reward… “Thank You for making the roads a safer place for all of us… We couldn’t do it without you Art!”

At OnMyWay, we truly believe that incentivizing people to stay off their phones while driving can help end the distracted driving trend. 

The Only Texting and Driving Mobile App That Pays, in just over 9 months, together we have Saved Over 123 Lives and Prevented Over 18,880 car accidents. 

This is just the beginning! With new product deals, cash deals, travel vouchers, contests and new ways to redeem dropping weekly, OnMyWay’s mission is to make texting and driving a thing of the past.

There is no shortage of ways to be rewarded for simply doing the right thing! 

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