Make OnMyWay Your New Years Resolution!

Every January we make resolutions to be our best selves for the coming year. Although these are made with the best of intentions, many stray from their resolutions not long after they are made. Make 2021 different with OnMyWay. By downloading OnMyWay, you are actively helping to keep your community safe while being rewarded!

Distracted driving has claimed the lives of too many – there must be a change. With OnMyWay, users earn for every mile driven without texting. Not only can you earn for your miles, but also your referrals! The more people referred, the faster your cash accumulates! The OnMyWay cash accumulated can be redeemed for product discounts, special product financing, travel deals and even cash payouts when certain milestones are hit. Just this month we had several people redeem the $1,000 cash prize!

At OnMyWay we believe that incentivizing our users will change the distracted driving trend. We could not do what we do without your help! Download today to join the movement and end distracted driving!

To download, click here.