Mobile Apps to Make Money – OnMyWay Mentioned By InfoAuthentic

Thank you InfoAuthentic for mentioning OnMyWay as one of the top money making apps! We would not be able to do what we do without each and every one of our users who is actively working to end the distracted driving trend with us.

So how does OnMyWay work? Simple! We found that scare tactics and punishments aren’t working – so why not incentivize our users to drive hands free? Users earn for every mile they drive with their phone in the locked setting. Want to use GPS or listen to your music? No problem! As long as your bluetooth is enabled, you’re earning! Drivers can also earn for the miles their referrals drive undistracted. There is no limit to what you can earn just while being safe!

Users can take the OnMyWay cash accumulated and use it for product discounts, product financing, travel deals and even cash payouts when certain milestones are reached. In just a year, we have saved over 137 lives and prevented over 21,000 car accidents – with a mathematical certainty. We aren’t stopping here! Until distracted driving is a thing of the past, our work is not done. We’re OnMyWay, are you?

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