Roanoke County police issue more than 20 tickets for distracted driving in first week of new law – OnMyWay is here to help!

Roanoke County police have given out 21 tickets for distracted driving since a new law banning cell phone use went into effect on Jan. 1.

Since the law was passed last summer, officers have been focusing on educating drivers on safe driving.

Officers said the new law has an emphasis on safety.

“You shouldn’t be looking at your phone while you’re driving down the road, just is, you know, it’s no different than you see people during their morning commute putting on makeup or reading a newspaper or, you know, having breakfast with both hands, you know, pullover drive if you’re going to drive, and use your hands if you’re going to use your hands,” Roanoke County Police Officer Thurman Butts said.

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