Self-Driving cars may be on trend – but texting and driving will never be!

We all knew there would come a time in the future where cars would drive themselves. Just another added convenience to our already very convenient lives. With Tesla leading this trend, it begs the question: If my car is driving, can I text?

The answer is no! Although your car may be doing most of the driving you’re used to, you still need to focus on the roads around you! That’s where
OnMyWay comes in! With OnMyWay you can earn for every mile you drive (or don’t drive) undistracted. The cash accumulated can be redeemed for things such as product discounts, special product financing, travel rewards and even cash payouts when certain milestones are hit!

OnMyWay’s mission is to change the culture on the road. In a world where we are always glued to our phones, we want to encourage people to “unplug”. Want to join the movement and make an impact in your community? Download now!