Your European Summer Vacation

Looking to safely get away this summer? Want to get out of the United States, but aren’t sure where to go? Look no further! Many Americans will be heading to both the main land and islands of Greece and Turkey for their Mediterranean vacations this July.

France continues to keep its borders closed to non-essential workers. Italy extended their state of emergency plan, with an unknown time of when it will be lifted. While Spain also keeps its borders shut to visitors not from the EU. Despite all of this, Americans are still asking travel agencies about vacations in these locations. They just need to look a little further east at Greece and Turkey.

By booking a vacation in these two locations, travel agencies compare it to auto insurance. It’s currently open to visitors in the upcoming months and just requires a negative covid test, and/or proof of vaccination.

Clients have been shifting all of the bookings from Italy, France, Spain, and other nearby countries for a change to the blue seas of the Mediterranean. The small, seaside cabins, yacht tours, days spent at the vineyards, sunbathing along pristine shorelines, it’s what we’re all craving. You can’t get a vacation like that safely in the United States right now.

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