Geo-Utility NFT Marketplace

Remember 11-3-2022 – It’s A Historical Date In NFT’s – No More Cartoons, We Mean Business!
The OnMyWay Geo-Utility NFT’s are one of a kind. We have created a brand-new segment in the NFT space that provides Fractional Equity Ownership, Crypto Paid Dividends based on the OnMyWay Business Solutions Economy.
OnMyWay Geo-Utility NFT Fractional Ownership Is How To Unlock Liquidity Through Crypto Paid Dividends, Events, Rewards And Token Value Via Asset Sales Major NFT Marketplaces.
Become A Part Owner Of The Economy, Not Just Another Consumer That Feeds The Economy

The First Ever
“Geo-Utility NFT” Minted

Minted 11-3-2022
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