Easter 2021: Increasing Temperature+Traffic

The Easter bunny is bringing more than just eggs this weekend. Rising temperatures this weekend across the country will call for more drivers on the road.

It’s no shock that warmer weather means more people are on the road. Whether it’s to see family, head on a little vacation, or just enjoy some fresh air, it’s important to drive safely. Law enforcement in many states are increasing the amount of officers on patrol this weekend. Make sure you drive the speed limit, avoid any distractions while behind the wheel and certainly do not drink and drive!

In Utah, over 130 shifts will be added this weekend to make sure everyone gets to their location safely. Meanwhile in South Carolina, bumper to bumper traffic has already begun. Even if you have a travel strategy, chances are you’ll be slowed down at some point, for several miles.

“We thought if we left in the morning, we could get here by 3:00 and could have the afternoon, but that’s not happening,” said a traveler stuck in I-95 heading to South Carolina. While some sat in a stand still, others could be seen taking breaks at the rest-stops along the way, including a golfer!

This warm weather has everyone wanting to leave the house. While the traffic is discouraging to some, it’s also normal to others. Being at a standstill doesn’t mean it’s an opportunity to browse social media or get caught up win your texts. It’s important to keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions. After all, a car accident would really add additional time to your travels.

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Happy Easter from the OnMyWay Team!